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About K2Joom

and what is that name about?

Way back in 2010, we created our first website.
A live, work in progress demonstration for a Content Creation application called "K2", which runs on the popular CMS, Joomla!.
The name K2Joom was born.

The site set out to show K2 users, how to use it, modify it, extend it.
We became the go to people for support, tutorials and templates.
The developers asked us to provide K2 support and
our tutorials were adopted as the official support files.

Site owners and developers worldwide used us to customise their K2 experience.
Joomla template builder and exension developers
used us to support their products.

We helped contribute to the Joomla community via
forum support, bug reporting, community training and events.

Now we use our wealth of experience to provide web and business development support to local companies and organisations.  
Helping them to grow and exceed their online
sales and marketing stratergy.

Let us help you grow.


18 Ardingly Drive
West Sussex
BN12 4TR


Phone: +44 (0) 1903 530504