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Novation Launchpad MIDI Mapping in Serato to Control Numark Mixtrack Pro 2

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I treated myself to a new DJ Controller, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2, to replace my old M-Audio Xponent.
To assist in firing loops and cue points, I wanted to use my Novation Launchpad to contol MIDI functions to controller the Numark.

This is a mini guide on how to do it.

  1. Install Serato and connect your Numark Mixtrack Pro 2, as per Serato/Numark instructions.
  2. Download the Novation Launchpad driver, available here.
  3. If you have already connected your Launchpad, chances are, Windows may have installed its default driver.
    If so, then you will need to uninstall the driver through Windows device manager.
  4. Install the downloaded Launchpad driver and follow the on screen installation steps.
  5. The only change to the default installation settings is shown below.
  6. Connnect your Launchpad to your computer and check that Windows has installed the Launchpad correctly, this should appear under Sound, Video and Game Controllers in Device Manager.
    NOTE: The above image shows Automap installed, I have found that this is not actually required.
  7. Load Serato software.
  8. Check the SETUP > MIDI tab in Serato
    NOTE: Launchpad is displayed and enabled and the Enable Output Lighting is ON.
    The MIDI presets, as far as I am aware are not needed, I just used a preset and then customised my MIDI mappings and then saved it, just in case, but I found no issues.
  9. Check that the MIDI button is active.
  10. Now when you hover over a button in Serato which can be mapped, a pop over window will appear.
  11. Using your mouse, click on the button you wish to assign.
  12. Now click on a Launchpad button you wish to use for that function.
  13. Congratulations, yu have now mapped your first pad to a MIDI control function.
    Repeat steps 10 to 12 until you have mapped all the keys you need.
  14. You can unassign any input, simply by selecting it in Serato, then pressing the entter key to clear it.


For my setup, I assigned the last row as the Deck 2 loop keys from 1/8 to 16, then the row above for Deck 1.
The next two rows above my loops, are used to set 8 hot cue points.  This makes it much easier and quicker to jump between cues and loops as you no longer need to switch the Mixtrack Pro 2 between LOOP and CUE modes, removing the need to use the SHIFT button or having to check which mode you are in.

I also mapped Play, Sync, Sync OFF and Censor buttons.

Hope you find this useful.

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