Thursday, 05 May 2011 01:44

Stupid O Clock

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I wasn't quite expecting my first blog about Joomla and Beyond to be produced quite so soon, as its only just 3am nd hence the name of this post.

Over the years, I have done a fair amount of over seas travelling through my previous job as a Field Service Engineer so I am used to getting preparing to go away, but for some reason, preparing for JAB has been a vastly different to all other occasions.

It's taken me much longer than normal to get my bags packed, no idea why as I have did my pre-pack list of what I need to take,  which has been doubled check more times than I have fingers.  I have packed less than I would have done normally, this trips less than a week instead of the usual month long stints I used to do.

Yet for some reason, I am up and dressed before my alarm clock has even had chance to think that it has a job to do.

With all this extra time, I am really going to kick myself when I later find out that despite all my check lists I still forgot something, I so hope not.

Time for some tea, whilst I awaiting Locke Taxis to arrive.



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