Sunny Worthing

Local community events website, with heavy K2 customisation Matukio from Compojoom.


We went to town on this one.

Worthing town is were I live, so it made sense to offer my services to produce a community website, that allow local businesses to register and submit their events.


form editor

K2 was orignally used as the main events component, with a complete redesign of the K2 form editor so that there are no more tabs, more information wells and the use of extended fields and event location mapping using the awesome Hotspots by Compojoom.  

K2 publish up and publish down are used to display when events start and finish, which will also unpublish the item after the event end.

Hotspots provides a map of all markers, which is injected into a K2 category description, with the thanks of Content and Modules Anywhere by No Number.

Since running the site for several months and the accumulation of many events, K2 started to become a challenge for some users and did not provide the best solution in the end.
Instead, we then used the Matukio event software from Compojoom as it is a dedicated events management system.

This change has allowed simpler event creation for users, but more importantly an improved user experience when searching for events, by including a dedicated filtering system, improved map marking and an improved event organiser linking page.

MijoPolls by MiwiSoft has been used used to create an awards poll to recognise local businesses, whilst B2J Contact from Bang2Joom has been used to create a custom contact form as well as a submission form for registrations of a loyalty card.  The Loyalty Card section is also created with K2 and Hotspots.

The K2 item view template has been modifed to include a second right sidebar in content which contains the events start, end, tags and views.  This sidebar also includes Social Links via a Coala Web, which has been injected into the template with Modules Anywhere.

If you are interest in a new site, K2 custom templates or Joomla template customistaion, then please contact me.



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