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Extension Name
Extension Description
Supported by Me
K2 is a content extender allowing nested categories, tags, custom fields, per category templates and a lot more.  K2Joom provided the original documentation for K2 and have helped 1000s of K2 users over the years. 
Maqma is my preferred choice as a helpdesk solution which provides tickets, FAQs, knowledge base and multi user per client access.  I have been involved in bug testing and providing features for this amazing business support tool.
ChronoForm is my prefered choice when creating customisable forms for websites.  It flexibility and ease of use make this shine above others, coupled with the ability to save form submission data to PDF turns this in a feature rich product.
MijoShop is an e-Commerce extension for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. It is a turn-key ready out of the box Joomla shopping cart solution which ships with a large array of payment gateways and shipping solutions.
Sobi Pro
This extension is the leading extension for creating responsive directory listings within Joomla! and includes its own templating layer.
MijoEvents is an extension for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 to allow you to provide event management on your site. We can help customise various views.
DJ Classifieds
Need to provide classified listings on your site, then this extension will help and we can customise it too. Provide free or paid listings, with google mapping and ratings too.

Hmm, my favorite extension is not on the list

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Support Types

Demo site display

Your site does not look like the demo site? No problem, I see this all the time, just provide me your site details and ftp and l can help you. Temporary login info if provided makes this task a breeze. Login info can be submitted via the ticket system, so only I see it.



I hate bugs but they are alround us and can get in the way.  If you find one then provide me with some steps to replicate the bug and if I can replicate it, I will contact the developer and submit a report.


New feature requests

As long as the feature will add value to the product and is requested by others too, we will add them.

Maybe, maybe not


Limited customisation support is available only for developers. For regular members minor customization requests may be fulfilled depending upon the workload and staff discretion.


3rd party extensions issue

Lets face it, while we do test our templates with popular extensions at random but its not possible to cover all of them. So, our take on this is very clear : if it works in Joomla default templates but not in our templates, we will try our best to fix it, provided the 3rd party extension developer is using standard unmodified dependent libraries.

Very Good

Old versions

We recommend using the latest versions of products in your site but we also understand that its not possible everytime. If provided with full details, screenshots and temporary login details, we can have a look and try to help.


Adding module positions or layout changes

As long as it does not fall under customization expect good support. Please note, sometimes the template concept can be restrictive, for example : we cant help to add module position in JA Smashboard which is horizontal scrolling as it may break responsive layouts.

Maybe, maybe not

Javascript conflicts

We understand that javascripts conflict can put the whole site purpose in limbo. We always help user investigate such issues and if it can be fixed from our side, we always fix them. If we express helplessness due to 3rd party extension issues, you will have to take it up with them. We are always ready to work with others to resolve such issues.

Very very limited

Launch Site

Instantly launch a pre-configured site

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